We are looking for inspiring  images and helpful crafting tips

Our goal with BestCreativeCrafts is to inspire and equip crafters to make artistic projects of their own.

If you have an amazing crafts and a helpful tip that will help others achieve a similar result, we’d love to consider featuring your session.

Because our mission is to help crafters improve theirs skills and imaginations, the tip you share will be considered when determining if we’ll publish the images or not. The tip must also pertain to the session you are uploading to be featured. Tips can be about anything that people could use and relate to the project you want featured.

The more helpful the tip, the more likely we’ll be to feature you and your works.

If you’ve got a great tip to share and a beautiful  session to go along with it, we’d love to have you send in your images!

Would you rather write a more in-depth article?

Fantastic! We’d love to share it! Head on over to our tutorial submission page and send it our way!

Here’s What We Need!

Along with your crafting tips, you may submit up to 8 images from a single  session. Your  sessions may be submitted as long as they are not suggestive in any way so we can keep this site 100% safe for work. It is also necessary to check our existing categories.

Photo Size Requirements

  • One full resolution image (1800 pixels or greater) to be displayed on the front page (No logo allowed on this image)
  • Up to 8 images 560px on the long side (no collages). Less than 200kb per photo. May contain a logo based on logo requirements below.
  • The full resolution image must also be sent as a normal image (560px) so it can also be included in the post.


We also need…

  • A list of the gear you used for this shoot
  • A tip about how you achieved these shots, such as the lighting or shooting techniques you used, how you directed the clients to get the shot, the camera settings, an awesome editing tip, etc. (Please look through our site first to make sure your tip is somewhat unique and not a repeat of the tips we already have.)
  • A link to your website, geographic location, email, Google+ profile link, and a link to your Facebook Page

Logo requirements:

We prefer images without a logo, but will consider images with logos placed in the bottom right-hand corner of the images, according to the diagrams below:

Click here to download and save to your computer.

Click here to download and save to your computer.

The full resolution image may not contain any logo or your submission will be denied.

Images MUST be formatted exactly as stated, or they will be denied.

How to Win a BestCreativeCrafts Award:

Any featured images may be awarded a Creative Crafts Award, giving you an exclusive Creative Crafts Award to place on your website and giving your featured post extra exposure by being included in the front-page slide show.

We give the Creative Crafts Award to our most popular posts. We determine this by the number of Facebook Likes, Pinterest Shares, and Google+ Shares that are received soon after the images are featured on our site. We also may award the Creative Crafts Award to something that really takes our breath away at our discretion.