Summer is near and we decided to dedicate this post to the seascape paintings. It is a special area of expertise in this art. You can fix landscapes on canvas, but how do you capture a volatile element? How do you reflect its nature?

The history of the seascape paintings goes down to ancient Greece. seascape-paintingsOne could easily get more information on Wiki, but we have to understand that sea has always been a special place for the mankind. Beauty and fury, calmness and excitement – all these qualities are combined in the sea.

So it attracted attention of many artists. Most famous seascape paintings are “The Ninth Wave”, “The Jetty of Calais”, “The Cliffs at Étretat” and many many more.

But today I’d like to show you a special modern artist who is using a different view of the sea. Please welcome seascape paintings by Lia Melia.

Seascape paintings by Lia Melia

Seascape artist Lia Melia lived near the coast of the ocean since her childhood and she knows him as a close friend. The object of her work are waves. She writes them in different colors, but not on the canvas, and sheets of aluminum or glass. The paint is applied in several layers, and then the sheet is baked. Due to this unusual manner and technique, it seems that waves are transparent and reflect light. She shows ocean in a different “mood” and at different times of day.

Lia Melia works are so dynamic that, while looking at them, it seems that now you hear the roar of the stormy sea, or the rustle of light surf,  the smell of happiness … I can’t get away from the feeling of reality in hew works. Just looking in the gallery I feel the power of the ocean and really want to feel Lia’s waves. Her seascape paintings don’t have anything else, just waves. You will not see the ships or people. Feel the power of ocean!