How to draw anything

Drawing everything is AWESOME!

Watch and learn how to draw Emmet from the Lego Movie. This is a full HD real-time film with no time-lapse sections and is 36 minutes long. So get a drink and a bucket of popcorn and sit back and enjoy watching from a blank piece of paper to the finished art of Emmet. And then have a go yourself. Other characters from the Lego movie will be drawn soon…

Here you will see how using simple shapes you can construct and draw Emmet – AWESOME!. Watch and enjoy and keep practicing your drawing.

If you’d like to draw anything please follow our updates with the tag “How to draw anything”. We will share with you the best lessons from the teachers worldwide! Following these small steps you will surprise your friends and families!

If you feel that this is too easy for you, check how to draw Berlioz.