How to draw cartoon characters


How to draw cat Berlioz from The Aristocats

In our first post on drawing we present you a video about beginner level drawing in REAL TIME. It might sound ridiculous, but our mission is to develop creative energy in our readers. 

We all start from something little. At first we draw lines and circles, then we find teachers and try portraits. We start from how to draw cat, how to draw dogs, how to draw trees. Some of us stop at that moment, other seek more. Finally we create! And we share with newcomers. Internet gives us a unique opportunity to share experience. So let’s not waste this opportunity!

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how we draw, but what we express and what we learn. A long road starts with a small step. For some of you it will be cats, others will draw inspiration from dogs 🙂 Be creative and supportive!

So join us in this journey and learn how to draw cat Berlioz.


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