How to make a tulip from paper?

Tulips from paper – but rather a bunch of tulips – will be a wonderful gift or addition to the main gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, or Mother’s Day. We will create a tulip using origami art (ie, do different things out of paper). By the way, this art is often taught to children, instilling in them from an early age the taste and ability to be creative.

How to make a tulip from paper? (Step by step instructions)

1. To create a tulip, we need to take a square sheet of paper. It is advisable to use colored paper, taking the color from which we want to get a flower.


2. Planning line folds: a sheet is folded in half diagonally so that opposite corners are attached to each other.


3. Unbend the paper and folded along its diagonal again, but this time with the other two opposite corners.


4. Unbend the paper again and bend in half. We must be really accurate in order to get a beautiful flower.



5. Then, bend over the folds the two upper corners inside our rectangle. These folds were created in steps 2-3.


6. Bend the side angles to the very top.


7. Turn over the figure to the other side and  do the same.


8. Now need to make a trick so that the corners of steps 6-7 will be on the sides. To do this, simply bring the side corners to each other.


9. Bend the side corners so that they go a little over an axis which is in the center.


10. Bend the opposite one the same way, it should be entitled at first.


11. Do the same on the opposite side. To create a tulip, just a few steps left to do.


12. At the bottom of artefacts is a hole through which the paper tulip should be  inflated. It must be inflated to a volume it has.


13. For the petals now need to bend corners.


14. Curl a  stem from paper and insert it into the hole located at the bottom of a tulip. It is possible to paint and attach additional paper leaves to it . The stem can be accurately fixed by glue and there will be no signs of it.


So you have created a paper tulip – a real paradise flower! If you will, you can still show your creativity and add droplets of glue to the flowers so  that they once dry up, looked like the dew on a flower. It is also possible to add patterns with pen ink.