Archaeologists have demonstrated that folks have developed and wore jewelry for centuries. From simple necklaces from seashells to jeweled crowns and bracelets, people have long adorn themselves with expensive and expressive jewelry and art objects. When it comes to expensive jewelry, a great deal of us imagine royalty or celebrities, covered by using a stock from silver, gold and precious stones. Almost all of the jewelery industry is focused on women, especially if we speak frankly, the majority of the men, apart from sports and movie stars, can not adequately wearing nothing but cufflinks, watches and wedding rings.

Nevertheless, jewelry have different meanings to varoius people. This product could be a symbol of romance as a band. It may well be a logo of high status in society being a diamond necklace by Cartier (Cartier). Jewelry will also be the recipient of art, one of the things that is not just practical to put on and it’s much better to look at the show to demonstrate the nature of design and craftsmanship. Combining all of these different values ​​and high demand from certain rare materials used within the finding of jewelry, it is effortless to realize why the price value for those can easily be really at high level.
Below we tell you about the 20 most high priced jewelry on the earth. Here gathered a certain amount of anything from necklaces and brooches and tiaras to hours. Without a doubt, this list is dominated via the ring of the most elite fashion houses and designers in the world. As one would expect, diamonds would be the most well-liked precious stones, but even a couple of them there are special stones whose color plays an important role in the check of their cost. You will see that there is no single bit of jewelry that could be offered by your neighborhood jewelry company. Alot of us still need to be satisfied with thenormaldiamonds and gold, while the super rich and wealthy collectors explore for the rarest jewels worth countless dollars. Such jewelry as those which we describe in one’s list, even rarely appear at auction.

20. Hot Pink Diamond «Vivid Pink» from the company «Graff Diamonds» – 11,8 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 20

While you will see from this list, pink diamonds are certainly valuable. No one knows why pink diamonds are pink. Some other color diamonds received a comprehensible explanation, however, regarding the pink diamonds only scientists recommend that this type of color due to the seismic shock that changes the molecular structure of these incredibly rare gems. Therefore, it is often understandable that we originally came upon a bright pink diamond. The central aspect of this decoration is basically a 5-carat cushion-shaped pink diamond. This diamond is so excellent quality that she acquired the classification pretentious bright. On each side of it as an additional decoration arrangednormalthyroid diamonds inlaid in platinum and 18-karat gold.

19. Bracelet Wallis Simpson in the form of a panther (Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet) 12,4 several coins

Million dollars top 20 position 19

Wallis Simpson is mostly appropriate noted for her relationship with Edward VIII (Edward VIII), which led to the indisputable fact that he renounced the throne of Great Britain inside the 1930s. In every his life Simpson received many gifts from Edward, many of which have appeared at auction in 2010. One of these objects has attracted much attention (and purchased a huge price tag). This bracelet was created by Cartier, that had a form of a panther. Compared with other items, which we describe in this list, it’s definitely essentially the most unusual jewelry. Panthers body involves diamonds and onyx. A panther eyes be noticeable due to two specially carved emeralds.

18. Tiara of emeralds and brilliants- 12.7 million

Million dollars top 20 position 18

This tiara of emeralds and diamonds was established in about 1900 and started operated by Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck (Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck) for most of her life. Crown Princess was ordered husband and notable emeralds should have the tanks used to create it. This tiara is different because of the 11 rare Colombian emeralds pear-shaped, that is the crown jewel. When we talk only about the weight, these emeralds weighing 500 carats. Additionally silver, gold and quite a fewsmalldiamond encrusted tiara itself 11 large pillow-shaped diamonds.

17. Necklace with ruby ​​Kingdom Hearts» (Heart of the dominion Ruby Necklace) $ 14 000 000
Million dollars top 20 position 17

Garrard House (House of Garrard) happens to be the oldest jewelery house on earth and until 2007 has been a jeweler of one’s Crown (Crown Jeweller), who was in charge of keeping the British Crown Jewels (British Crown Jewels). Given this experience, all is not surprising that all of the of the jewelry, which they did, were of the best and price more than all the necessary others. Necklace with ruby ​​Kingdom Heartsis probably one of the jewels of one’s plan created by Garrard. As you can expect beginning with the name, the necklace inlaid huge Burmese rubies at 40.63 carats, that’s a central element. Beyond the red gem necklace is decorated with 155 carats of diamonds. It seems you lack? In which case you will certainly be interested to be aware that this jewel presumably might be changed into a tiara if you desire to feel myself a princess as opposed to the heir to the throne.

16. Blue Bvlgari (Bvlgari Blue) – 15,7 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 16

It’s pretty extraordinary-looking diamond ring that really is inlaid with two colored diamonds. The most ideal element of the style in this ring is basically a blue diamond triple cut classified as pretentious weighing 10.95 carats bright and white diamond triple cut weighing 9.87 carats. These are two diamonds going on a gold hoop, diamond-encrusted cutbaguette“. This ring is generated in the beginning 1970s, it was initially purchased for $ 1 million for being gift as a result of his wife European collector. However, as soon as the ring reappeared at auction in 10, experts claimed that it certainly will support for around $ 12 million.

15. Ring with blue diamond from Chopard (Chopard Blue Diamond Ring) – 16,26 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 15

Searching for a wedding ring, you now have lying around and a lot of extra million? A much better option when compared to a blue diamond ring from Chopard you just is not going to find. Chopard is a world renowned company well known for its high-quality watches and treasure. Blue diamonds are believed to get perhaps one of the rarest species of this gem. They are usually located at the side of the deposits of boron, part that helps to identify a diamond its distinctive color. As well as the oval-cut diamond, triangular added Chopard diamonds located on the sides then put this splendor on any strip of 18-karat white gold and encrusted with diamonds.

14. Bright yellow diamond from the company «Graff Diamonds» (Graff Vivid Yellow) – 16,3 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 14

English jeweler Laurence Graff (Laurence Graff) and his company «Graff Diamonds», are giants in pursuit of jewelry. That is why it is not surprising that we have to deal with another jewelry out of this company. This moment, it’s 100-carat yellow diamond installed in a gold substrate, inlaid with smaller diamonds. Great jewel pick a world record for yellow diamonds, when it was put up for auction Sotheby’s (Sotheby’s) in Geneva. The first treatment is was a 190-carat diamond untreated, which Graff bought in South Africa. Expected a total of nine months of labor located on the cut to give you the diamond preceeding the perfect state through which we come across it today.

13. Necklace “Heart of the Ocean» (Heart of the Ocean Necklace) – $ 17 million

Million dollars top 20 position 13

Since we are talking about the blue diamond, allow me to bring to your attention the subsequent bit of jewelry that is a stunning example of life imitating art. In 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio (Leo DiCaprio) and Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) occurred a boat trip, which ended badly. “Titanicsank, and Celine Dion (Celine Dion) sang a song, which is certainly now associated with the ship and cinema. One of the many legendary details of the film has been a necklace, named «Coeur de la Mer», which is a situation heroine Kate Winslet chose instead to save lots of the lifestyle of this very hero Leonardo DiCaprio, which she free to drown in the waves seriously! But seriously, later on famous jeweler Harry movie Winston (Harry Winston) has developed a replica of this very real necklace of precious stones. In theheartof the jewelry is 15-carat blue diamond. Gloria Stuart (Gloria Stewart), the actress who played the agedRoseamong the film, came in this necklace for Oscars.

12. “Blue Beauty Asia» (Blue Belle of Asia) – 17,3 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 12

Blue Beauty Asiathat was bought from 2014 add an auction, “Christie» (Christie’s) in Geneva, will be the fourth sized multi-faceted sapphire at some point. Pincushion sapphire weighs about 392.5 carats. He pick a record when it comes to the price sold sapphire. However, don’t worry, to his 17.3 million dollars you’ll get not exclusively a massive gem. As well as the Ceylon sapphire (Ceylon) is basically a piece of jewelry includes gold chain encrusted with diamonds and brush covered with diamonds, which descends from the sapphire. This bit of jewelry as a sparkling and expensive tiebolo“.

11. Diamond brooch by Cartier in 1912 (1912 Cartier Diamond Brooch) – 17,6 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 11

This jewelry is officially known asDiamond brooch corsage Belle Epoque from Corte» «Belle Epoque Diamond Devant-De-Corsage Brooch by Cartier», however i can use a brief and easy name. As you might expect from the name, this jewelry incorporates a good deal of top-end diamonds. The brooch was birthed in 1912 in Paris, within the studio of Henri Pieck (Henri Picq). The most ideal components of this brooch are three huge rock like an emerald. The largest is likely to be a pear-shaped diamond, weighing just above 34 carats. It can be complemented by an oval-shaped diamond weighing 23.55 carats as well as a finer cut diamond marquise, weighing 6.51 carats.

10. Perfect Pink Diamond (Perfect Pink Diamond) – 23,2 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 10

Professional on this field say, a minimum of 10 percent of pink diamonds weighing 0.20 carats more. Besides, very rare pink diamonds possess a solid color, no impurities orange or gray. This explains why the auctioneer at the auction house Christie’s in Hongkong, willingly laid out 23.2 million dollars for diamond weighing 14.23 known simply as Perfect Pink. In regards to size and color purity, Perfect Pink as much as its name. He contains record as the most expensive jewel sold at auction in the continent of Asia.

9. Blue Winston (Winston Blue) – 23,8 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 9

This jewelry weighing 13.22 carats actually advertised, and was sold being a wedding band. Until 2014, the auction was sold just a couple of blue diamonds, weighing from 10 to 12 carats. So when this monster, weighing 13 carats appeared at Christie’s auction in Geneva, the advantages identified that it would bring at the very least $ 21 million. The old days of the diamond is shrouded in mystery, although most experts agree that the diamond will probably have have been mined in South Africa, which produces almost all of the blue diamonds.

8. Watch from Chopard, weighing 201 carats (Chopard 201-Carat Watch) – $ 25 million

Million dollars top 20 position 8

Yes, technically it’s actually watch, just looking at this creation Chopart just enough for you to know why you can find included it in content about jewelry. Chopard company, most widely known to its elite hours, combined their expertise in movement with his other specialty jewelry to construct this interesting jewelry. Together, this watch boasts 874 diamonds of varied sizes, the largest of which weighs 15 carats. Even more striking mechanism which allows the three largest diamonds are brushed off, revealing a clock face. As you can imagine, which the buyer inclined order a bit of jewelry is not as a result of the premium quality watches, hidden in the depths of one’s mountain of diamonds.

7. jadeite necklace Mdivani Hutton (Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace) – 27,4 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 7

Jade necklace Hatton Mdivani is another jewelry from Cartier. For a few years the new commer was among the possession of a famous people. Being among the most notable are its owners Woolworth heiress (Woolworth) Barbara Hutton (Barbara Hutton) and Princess Nina Mdivani (Princess Nina Mdivani), which happens to be rumored to acquire hidden the necklace under his deathbed, attempting to hide it from the creditors. Needless necklace consists of 27 emerald green jadeite beads. The finishing touch will be the clasp of platinum and gold with ruby ​​and diamond necklace which happens to be fixed upon the neck of that bearer.

6. Diamond Bikini (Diamond Bikini) – $ 30 million

Million dollars top 20 position 6

It is not made of cloth, leaves nothing to the imagination, and it may not be worth to go into the water. Of course, we’re talking about diamond bikini worth $ 30 million. This “bikini”, created by Susan Rosen (Susan Rosen), is made up of diamonds, weighing 150 carats, which are encrusted in platinum. Even by the standards it just a tiny bikini and when the model magazine «Sports Illustrated» named Molly Sims (Molly Sims) photographed in this creation in 2006, it certainly caused a lot of talk. According to rumors Sims was shocked when she saw what she has to wear: it embarrassed as high price bikini, and the fact that it is tucked in next to nothing.

5. Diamond Zoe (Zoe Diamond) – 32,6 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 5

In 2014, Sotheby’s auction was a collection of Rachel Mellon (Rachel Mellon), wife of the late philanthropist Prla Mellon (Paul Mellon). The climax of the collection and its most sought-after by potential buyers became the subject of a diamond Zoe. This gem has been classified as pretentious bright blue diamond weighing 9.75 carats. Initially, experts believed that it will bring about $ 15 million. However, diamond Zoe shocked everyone when bidding stopped at around 32.6 million dollars. Because of this diamond Zoe has become not only the most expensive blue diamond in the world, but also the most expensive diamond in terms of price and weight – 3.3 million for a 1 carat.

4. “Graff Pink» (Graff Pink) – 46,2 million dollars

Million dollars top 20 position 4

In 2010, the auction house Sotheby’s expected that this ring will bring good profits when it was put up for auction. They even could not imagine that it will be sold more than 40 million dollars. This ring has become one of the most expensive jewelry in history. The owner of this ring is encrusted with pink diamond, weighing 24.78 carats, was once a famous jeweler Harry Winston. Apart from the fact that the diamond has a very rare color, he is considered one of the finest diamonds mined in history. In 2010, the diamond dealer Laurence Graff bought the stone, which is currently known as the “Pink Graff.” He bought it more than 27-38 million dollars, which Sotheby’s representatives had hoped for him to get.

3. Diamond Necklace “Incomparable» (L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace) – $ 55 million

Million dollars top 20 position 3

Third place in our list of the most expensive jewelry in the world takes decoration, is the holder of several records. Diamond necklace “Incomparable” was created by the famous “Mouavad» (Mouawad). It is considered the most expensive necklace in the world and includes the world’s largest internally flawless diamond weighing 407.48 carats in, known as “The Incomparable» (Incomparable). In addition to the huge yellow diamond necklace adorned with smaller diamonds weighing 230 carats. Even more amazing is the fact that this necklace came to light thanks to a little girl who found raw diamond weighing 890 carats in a pile of rubble in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1980s. After this diamond resold many diamond dealers, he passed four years of study and cut before it reaches the state in which it is located today.

2. Diamond Ring “Pink Star» (Pink Star Diamond Ring) – $ 72 million

Million dollars top 20 position 2

Until November 2013, “Graff Pink” holds the record as the most expensive diamond ring, sold at auction in history. Then came the brilliant “Pink Star”. Huge diamond oval auctioned weighed 59.6 carats.

1. Brilliant “Wittelsbach» (Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond) – $ 80 million

Million dollars top 20 position 1

The first place on our list is a diamond “Wittelsbach” caused a lot of controversy. This piece of jewelry began its existence as a dark blue diamond weighing 35.56 carats, and managed to get in Austria and the Bavarian crown. In 2008, the London jeweler Laurence Graff bought this gem for 23.4 million dollars, and immediately began to change it. In the course of action which resulted in a frenzy of other jewelers Graff removed nearly 4.5 carat blue diamond, so that, ultimately, increased its purity and price. In 2011, it was reported that Graff diamond sold “Wittelsbach” member of the royal family of Qatar for $ 80 million.

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