Paper craft ideas that surprise.

Paper craft ideas from Australian Emma Van Leest make surprisingly airy, lacy and fascinating paintings, made with scissors and paper.

Emma started cutting out pictures from the paper during her second-year at the university . Emma says that the paper isa material with limitless possibilities. Not every paper meets the needs of skilled workers. Through trial and error, Emma found a more convenient option for her paper craft ideas. She is now working with heavy paper that is easy to cut, and thus has a long term “exploitation”.

Her work is very hard and accurate. For us, as viewers, it seems that the details of the picture light and air, but behind it there is a long and hard work. Sometimes wrong movement of scissors can ruin all the efforts to materialize paper craft ideas into finished work.

According to Emma, ​​the inspiration for her paper craft ideas are drawn from many sources. These are paintings by Caravaggio and Vermeer, traditional Chinese illustrations, medieval art, carved ivory, the artists of the Renaissance …

She was born in 1978, in Melbourne, where she lives and works now. For more examples of her works, please visit her site Besides the examples of paper craft ideas you can enjoy her wonderful blog. She is truly an amazing person.